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Educational Conferences

At UC San Diego, a robust didactic curriculum is designed to provide exposure to the latest developments in patient care and research. These range from case-based morning teaching conferences, grand rounds, and our Friday School hands-on longitudinal curriculum.

Sample Schedule

Sample Conference Schedule for residents at UCSD Hillcrest and the VA Medical Center:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
a.m. Wednesday School  Resident Signout Rounds

Radiology Rounds (VA)

Jacobs EBM conference
p.m. Noon Teaching Conference Noon Teaching Conference

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Intern Report

Noon Teaching Conference

Jacobs Conference


Friday School

Noon Teaching Conferences at the VA &
UCSD Hillcrest Medical Centers

Noon Teaching Conference is held at both UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest and the VA San Diego Healthcare System in La Jolla on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. These case-based conferences led by the chief medical residents include a subspecialty expert discussant and focus on diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to common and uncommon cases presenting at our hospitals. On Friday mornings, we have Senior Signout Rounds, during which the night resident presents one of their admissions to the day team residents. Radiology Rounds are also held on Friday mornings at the VA to teach the fundamentals of reading diagnostic imaging.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Leaders in internal medicine from UC San Diego, as well as from all over the U.S. and across the world, are invited to speak at weekly Medicine Grand Grounds to present topics focusing on the synthesis and review of contributions of basic science and clinical research and how these apply to clinical care.

Medicine Grand Rounds are held on Wednesdays, noon-1 p.m.
See our upcoming schedule, view past presentations, and get more information:

Medicine Grand Rounds

Intern Report

Every Wednesday afternoon, interns participate in their own conference, during which they share high-yield inpatient cases, discuss differential diagnoses, explore therapeutic options, and enjoy wellness activities.

Clinical Reasoning Conference

The monthly Clinical Reasoning Conference (CRC) series centers on a mystery case presentation in which a Master Clinician teaches us their diagnostic approach in real-time. It is held during noon teaching conference at both the VA and Hillcrest Hospitals once per month. 

Conferences at the Jacobs Medical Center

The UCSD Jacobs Medical Center provides an opportunity for twice-weekly, resident-driven, small group conference discussions involving hospitalists and faculty experts. With the chief medical resident, residents present cases that emphasize care planning in hematology/oncology, hospital medicine, evidence-based medicine, and palliative care.

Wednesday School and Friday School 

Wednesday School is our weekly protected didactic time for residents held every Wednesday morning, which consists of 4 hours dedicated to learning. Friday School is our weekly protected didactic time for interns held every Friday afternoon, which consists of 2 hours dedicated to learning. Residents have the opportunity to explore the many disciplines within internal medicine in both a traditional lecture format and in interactive sessions, including workshops such as ultrasound, field trips, patient interaction, and evidence-based journal clubs.

The first hour of Friday school weekly Excellence in Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (EQIPS) conference is a quality and systems improvement series based on cases seen at our hospitals. There is an annual curriculum of high yield topics for interns, including topics such as vent management, acute coronary syndrome, shock, acute coronary syndrome, how to interpret EKGs, Chest x-rays, and ABGs, and MUCH more!

The resident curriculum is a 2 year curriculum that includes six different subject blocks and is part of a larger three-year curriculum that encompasses all of the core aspects of internal medicine as well as topics that are part of our Advancing Health Equity Advocacy and Diversity curriculum, including sessions on microaggressions, patient first language, disparities and our Resident As Clinician Educator (RACE4ALL) series, focusing on team management and teaching skills, including sessions on how to teach physical exam at the bedside, give a great chalk talk, give feedback, among others.

Both interns and residents participate in a hands on Point of Care Ultrasound curriculum as part of Wednesday and Friday school that includes topics such as ultrasound guided procedures, and scanning live models as well as real patients.

Ambulatory Care Conferences

Residents participate in interactive case discussions the afternoon of their continuity clinics with faculty menders at all sites. These cases focus on common primary care issues.