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How to Apply

All applications to the PSTP are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The PSTP at UC San Diego is listed through ERAS as a separate program from that of the Categorical track of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Because the PTSP is highly competitive, applicants may wish to consider an application to the categorical residency in addition to the PSTP.

Application Requirements

All applicants must meet the same requirements as those of the Categorical Track of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. You may review those requirements on the Internal Medicine Residency Program website.

Applicants must have an MD or equivalent degree at the time of enrollment in the program, and they must have had substantive prior research training. Examples of such substantive training are an MD/PhD, or at least one year of intensive and productive research experience during or prior to medical school.

High-quality publications, based on the applicant's prior research, are interpreted by the program as a predictor of success, as are strong letters of reference from former research mentors.

Exceptional candidates with less research training who plan on an independent academic career are also encouraged to apply. UC San Diego is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from members of underrepresented in medicine and science groups.

Additional Requirements*

In addition to the ERAS application, please provide a minimum of one and preferably three letters of support from prior research mentors and senior colleagues. A letter of reference from the thesis advisor of MD/PhD candidates is required.

Applicants should also write a supplemental letter detailing their research experience and their reasons for pursuing an investigative path. In the letter, applicants should indicate their subspecialty interests (especially if applying for the two-year ABIM Research Residency path) and the names of any research scientists with whom they would like to meet during the interview process. Applicants should indicate if they desire early admission to a specific subspecialty program as part of the two-year ABIM Research Residency path, or if they plan to complete three years of residency training (also with admission to a subspecialty fellowship at the time of PSTP enrollment, if desired). A general statement of areas of research interest would also be helpful.

You may send this information along with a CV via e-mail (preferred) or postal mail to:

Anne Bamrick-Rosenblatt
Program Administrator
UC San Diego Physician-Scientist Training Program
402 Dickinson Street, Suite 380
San Diego, CA 92103

*International medical graduates applying to our program have additional requirements.

Special Requirements for International Medical Graduates

  1. Possess a current ECFMG certificate.
  2. Pass USMLE Step I on first attempt.
  3. Visa Status: Secure J-1 Visa through ECFMG with issuance of IAP-66. The University no longer sponsors H-1 Visas for residency training.
  4. Apply through ERAS . The ECFMG office will serve as the designated Dean's office and can provide detailed information to international medical graduates.

All qualified applications received through the ERAS system applying to the PSTP track will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee. Applicants invited to interview will be notified via email.

All applicants must be interviewed by the Categorical Internal Medicine Residency Program leadership in addition to the faculty leadership for the PSTP. We strongly recommend that you plan to attend a PSTP-specific two-day interview. The first day is devoted to the categorical program interview. The second day consists of a PSTP orientation by the leadership of this pathway followed by interviews with research and subspecialty faculty.

We have special PSTP events on these two days. If applicants are not able to attend the PSTP-specific date, we will interview them on other days.

Upon completion of the interview season, applicant files are reviewed by the PSTP Selection Committee consisting of the program director, the associate director, and a representative panel of affiliated scientists from participating fellowship programs for consideration of ranking.