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Prospective Applicants FAQs

How many applications do you get to the program each year?

We receive over 250 applications per year.

How many people do you interview each year?

We interview approximately 35-40 people each year.

What is the application deadline?

All applications must be received and completed in ERAS by [ date pending publication by ERAS]. All supplemental material should be submitted by one week after the ERAS application deadline [date pending publication by ERAS].

Do you have to have a PhD to apply?

No. A PhD is helpful but not required. Students who have a strong interest in pursuing a research career in academic medicine with an already well-established research background and interest are encouraged to apply.

When do I submit my supplemental information?

Please submit the supplemental information within one week of the ERAS Application deadline.

How will my salary be supported during my training?

The Department of Medicine will support your salary to the standard PGY-1, -2, and, if applicable, PGY-3 levels during residency training. During PGY-4 through PGY-6, salaries are supported by the fellowship, which includes support from research training grants, including NIH T32 mechanisms. Following fellowship, trainees are supported by their clinical salary and postdoctoral labs and/or T32 grants. Most of our trainees receive foundational fellow-to-faculty awards that have supplemented their salary. UCSD has additional institutional grants (e.g. California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Moores Cancer Grants) as well as an institutional KL-2 mechanism to further provide salary support to PSTP trainees.

Are you allowed to attend research meetings?

All PSTP trainees are encouraged to attend the AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting annually during the course of their training at UCSD. This is the de facto annual retreat for the UCSD PSTP program. In addition, during the three years of residency training, residents are allowed up to 3 days off to give an oral or poster presentation at a national scientific meeting. Additional days off from clinical duties from rotations not requiring coverage may be granted at the discretion of the program.

How will I know if I am invited for an interview?

All invitations are extended by mid-October.

How competitive is the UC San Diego PSTP?

Very. UC San Diego is a very desirable place to train on many levels. The rich research environment that extends across the La Jolla Mesa (with the Salk, Sanford Burnham, Scripps and other Institutes) offers many highly sought-after opportunities for research, therefore providing a competitive market for the applicant.

Do I need to come to San Diego to interview?

Due to ACGME requirements, interviews in 2024 will be online/by Zoom only.

Can I do research at an institution other than UC San Diego?

Yes. We want you to have the best research training possible and believe that can happen in a wide variety of places currently within San Diego. If you are accepted into a laboratory that is not at UC San Diego but at another affiliated institution that has funding and appropriate mentoring available, we will support you in that endeavor.

Can I do part of my residency or a rotation in a foreign country?

Normally, the Division of Infectious Diseases at UC San Diego has fellowship rotations available in foreign countries, and the Categorical Medicine track of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at UC San Diego also offers a Global Medicine Elective in Maputo, Mozambique.

Are the selection committees for the PSTP and the Categorical Medicine track separate?

Yes. The committees meet and rank separately, however, PSTP applicants are reviewed by both committees.

Is there a separate application for the PSTP through ERAS?

Yes. Under the UC San Diego application, there is a separate box to check depending on whether the applicant wants to apply for the two-year Fast track or the three-year Research in Residency track. We encourage applicants to rank both PSTP tracks based on their preference. UCSD will rank nearly all applicants on both tracks.

Who will I meet during my research interviews?

All invited applicants will meet with the Program Director or Associate Director of the PSTP as well as research faculty defined by your choice and particular area of interest. In addition, every effort will be made for you to meet with the fellowship director for the subspecialty fellowship of your interest.

I am an international applicant. Can I apply?

Yes. You must meet all the requirements of an international applicant listed under How to Apply. We will support only J-1 visas.

Will I get to meet other PSTP residents during my interview days?

Yes. During the designated two-day PSTP interview, the categorical interview takes place on a Thursday. The current PSTP residents and fellows would normally host a dinner on that Thursday evening, to create opportunities to meet and mingle. Instead,  we are reserving a two-hour block during which you can request to meet with one or several PSTP residents and fellows on Zoom.

I'm in San Diego for a conference! Can I meet with the PSTP or get a medical campus tour?

Many members of UCSD PSTP not only complete their entire training at UCSD but also stay on as faculty to build their careers. The UCSD PSTP committee realizes that it is difficult for applicants to make a decision about where to initiate ones career without being given the ability to visit/tour the campus. However, UCSD internal medicine program strictly adheres to the ACGME interview rules. If you are a current applicant to the PSTP, the program cannot have any formal communication or campus tour/visit outside of the interview due to these ACGME rules. However, you may contact Colleen Reich who can help meet with an individual who is not part of the PSTP committee and could potentially give you a tour. If you are not a current applicant, please reach out and we will try our best to help you get to know the program and the institution better.