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Internal Medicine and Med/Peds Residency Training Verifications

Residency verification requests may be submitted to the UC San Diego Internal Medicine Residency Program or Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatric Residency Training Program office by emailing Please include the name of the trainee and the years they trained.

This information only applies to Internal Medicine and Med/Peds Residency verifications and professional references. Our office cannot verify training for other specialties. If you are requesting a verification for another fellowship or residency program, contact that program directly. Each training program at UC San Diego operates as a separate entity, so they may or may not charge the same for verification services. Get credentials verification contacts for the various UC San Diego programs.

Verification and Professional Reference Pricing

  • Standard verification (completion of a verification form, letter verifying training dates, and/or questionnaire) completed by the Program Director or Program Administrator: $75
  • If a procedure log is needed or the forms needs to be notarized, there is an additional fee.
  • There is NO CHARGE for state licensing forms, email the form to

Submitting Payment

We accept payment by credit card and by check. To pay by credit card, please complete the transaction here: A $5 fee will apply.

To pay by check, write the check to UC Regents and mail to:

Internal Medicine Residency
200 W. Arbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92103-8425

Please allow our office at least 10 business days after payment is received to complete and return your verification request.

Verification services are rendered only after your fee payment is received by our office.

This information only applies to Internal Medicine and Med/Peds Residency Programs.