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Training Evaluations

Objectives of Training

The objectives of the PSTP are to provide residents with outstanding opportunities for training in investigative medicine and to prepare them for future careers at the cutting edge of biomedical research. Additional goals are to train and develop the next generation of leaders of academic medicine, preparing them for faculty positions at leading universities, including UC San Diego.

Evaluation of Clinical Performance

Evaluation of clinical performance of PSTP trainees will be identical to that for the categorical internal medicine program trainees. Research performance will be evaluated by the research mentor on a quarterly basis and reviewed by the program leadership. Feedback will be provided to the trainee. The trainees will be evaluated on their research methods, study design, data analysis, critical evaluation of the scientific literature, and research ethics. Periodic written reports will be required of the trainee and reviewed by the mentor before forwarding to the program leadership. The trainee will also be required to evaluate the mentor and the quality of the training program.